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Dazed and Confused
There is no confusion about this daze. 1/2 Red MaengDa 1/2 Kava will have you staring in your own sequel.

Half Baked
Sampson ain’t got nothing on this green! 1/2 Green MaengDa 1/2 Kava
It won’t make ya cough, but it will make ya fly.

It’s Gonna be a good day! !/2 White MaengDa 1/2 Kava. Get that hustle on!

Frank Sumatra
White+Red+Green Sumatra
The smooth feel of this Sumatra blend will have you singing “I did it my way”

Dr. Feelgood
R. MaengDa + Y. MaengDa + G. Borneo
This motley crüe of strains will make your good day feel like a great day.

Crimson & Clover
R. Bali + R. MaengDa + G. Ketapang
Mixed red with green over and over makes a classic crimson & clover cover. Just feels good.

Lil’ Ass Kicker
R. Bali + W. Indo + G. Ketapang
A balanced blend of green, red, and white to kick the workday’s ass!

G. Borneo + W. Kapuas + Y. Vietnam + R. Sumatra
Don’t want to be around people? This will help.

Red Mountain
R. Bali + R. Horn + R. Sumatra
The perfect amount of different reds.Not too sleepy, not too numbing, and just the right amount of space. Far out!

W. Sumatra + G. Sumatra
Wake up and focus people!!!!

G. Bali + R. Bali + Y. Vietnam + R. Sumatra
No matter the day, you’ll always end it on a good note with this relaxing blend.

.38 Special
G. Malay + G. Thai + W. Bali
And BOOM!!! Here we are, right where we want to be.

Woodstock ’99
Blend of All Kratom Powders On-Hand
It was a train wreck! We’ve salvaged all the good parts and rocked it!

Basic Kratom Drink Mixing Guide