Colorado Kratom is here for you whether you are looking to manage your pain or insomnia, or just looking to boost your immune system or cure that hangover and want to feel good. We have what you are looking for.

We have a professional kratom consultant, free of charge, right here in the shoppe and we specialize in kratom blends. So if its depression or anxiety that’s holding you back or getting you down look no further because we will customize and personalize what works for you.

Colorado Kratom is home of the .38 SPECIAL, our own in house blend, along with our Colorado Series Blends. And if you prefer capsules, we have them too.

You will receive a sample with your purchase on each visit so you can become more familiar with different strains. And belly up to the bar for your shot during happy hour on us from 3-6pm every day.

Shoppe Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-6pm
Prices Loose(powder): 1oz for $15 or 2oz for $25
Prices Bullets(capsules): 36ct for $20 or 72ct for $35

Be HAPPY Like Us.