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Quality Kratom Powder in Grand Junction, CO

Whether you wish to treat pain, increase your immune system, get better sleep, or get rid of a hangover to feel better, Colorado Kratom may meet your needs. Our vast selection includes premium quality Kratom Powder and Capsules, which are offered in a broad spectrum of strains and veins according to your preferences. At Colorado Kratom's Kratom Bar, you can indulge in a Kratom beverage or simply carry around some loose Kratom powder or Kratom bullets. We're dedicated to ensuring your contentment and supporting your optimal lifestyle.

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Welcome To Colorado Kratom!

Our expertise lies in crafting unique kratom blends, that may cater to issues like depression or anxiety. Whether these challenges are hindering you or bringing you down, we have the solution tailored to your needs.

Colorado Kratom is home to the .38 SPECIAL, our own in-house blend, along with our Colorado Series Blends. And if you prefer capsules, we have them too.

You will receive a sample with your purchase on each visit so you can become more familiar with different strains. And belly up to the bar for your shot during happy hour on us from 3-6 every day.

Stree view of Colorado Kratom's Storefront.
Three jars filled with Kratom Powder labeled Green Sumatra, White Sumatra, Red Sumatra

Colorado Series Blends

Looking for a custom Kratom experience? Check out our Colorado Series Blends. These are custom blends of Kratom masterfully concocted by our in-house Kratom Consultant Kaptain Kratom! Check out the .38 Special, Sunset, Frank Sumatra, and many more!!

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We have the best customers. See what they have to say about us...

Andrea D
Amazing customer service ! I was recently left “Kratom bar” for reasons we don’t need to mention. & It was amazing to have open...
Shawn Youngblood
Jessie is super nice I have a great experience everytime I go in. 10 out of 10 recommend this place for all of your kratom...
Jac Caj
Great quality and prices. Employees will go out of their way to make sure the customer is happy. Thanks guys! 🙂